Birdy Bird Whistle

Here you find all the business information you need about this spectacular instrument. With BIRDY® you can literally imitate any bird.

BIRDY® is a bird whistle. When you put this amazing little instrument at the tip of your tongue and press and hold it against the palate of your mouth, you can imitate bird sounds by blowing air through it. After some practice you will be able to make the funniest bird sounds.

  Put Birdy at the tip of your tongue…

    Click Pic for Video Clip

Where to find BIRDY?

You will find Birdy® at  festivals at in- and outdoor events , trade fairs, markets and theme parks all over  Europe, the USA and Asia. Actually it just depends on where our Birdy whistling team is going  to, entertaining  the crowd.

You will recognize our promotors by the funny bird sounds of course but also by the Birdy outfit, T-shirt and cap and the specific Birdy Handy Stand, an easy to carry,  collapsible stand, which is part of the total concept.

 Theme Park Geiselwind (G)

  Standard Handy Stand

  Big Stand Theme Park Bobbejaanland (B)

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